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Session I

The transition of historical botanical collections

Examples for potential presentations:

  • Survival of botanical collections in times of war or crisis
  • Transition of princely botanical collections into the ownership of modern republics
  • Transition of colonial collections into the ownership of independent states
  • Endangerment of historical botanical collections during military conflict
  • Historical botanical collections and climate crisis
  • Preliminary protective measures
Session II

Horticulture – Challenges in daily horticulture practice

Examples for potential presentations:

  • Pest control and measures
  • Preventions. Biological cultivation and biological treatments
  • Changes in cultivation because of climate change
  • Cultivation and conservation of single plants of particular high value
  • Protection of the collection
  • Handling and protection of plants for and during exhibitions
Session III

Science – Sharing of knowledge

Examples for potential presentations:

  • Importance of traditional horticultural crafts in historical botanical gardens
  • Methods to conserve and transmit (horticultural) knowledge
  • Which knowledge is transmitted
  • Transition of traditional knowledge and traditional techniques to modernism
  • Networking – international and transdisciplinary relationships
Session IV

Historical botanical gardens

Examples for potential presentations:

  • Portraits of historical botanical gardens (existing and lost)
  • Definition
  • Research activities
  • History of acquisition: Collecting expeditions, purchase, exchange among collectors